Saundra, I wanted to thank you again (on behalf of Berwin Limited) for coming along last weekend to take the kids through their "stretch and flex" session at Founderfest. They loved it and I saw a few of them the following day doing the things you had shown them.

 Lynette  (August 2017)


Hi Saundra 

If you have tried yoga before but were not sure it was for you try Dru Yoga with Saundra, it is so much more than postures - try it and you will be hooked!

 Jo  (December 2015)


Hi Saundra 

Benificial for your physical and emotional strength and great for relaxations

 Paula  (December 2015)


Hi Saundra 

I thought yoga was not for me at the start but knew by the end of the first lesson how many ways it would benifit me Dru Yoga exceeded my expectations especially with regard to improvement in my emotional and spiritual well being as well as knowing that I am getting excercise at the same time.

 Dawn  (November 2015)


Hello Saundra 

Am still feeling the calming effects of your lovely Thursday class. I was so glad that Pat worked her day so that she was able to enjoy it too. Loved the out in the sunshine bit --but also the first part and the relaxation.. 

from Helen (November 2013)



I will miss Dru with you. I had done lots of Yoga but not Dru and was very pleasantly surprised at the holistic nature and energy incorporation with Dru. Really beautiful yoga.

Debbie (October 2013)


Hi Saundra, 

Trusting you are well and settling in to your new beautiful home and new life chapter. Just want to let you know that I am so grateful for you bringing Dru to Cairns! It's an amazing practice, and you know: When the teacher has left the building and the student continues in his/her own way, well, that's when I truly feel living from the heart is ...................

Mathilde (October 2013)



.......your classes are the best Ive EVER been to

Janet (September 2013) 


Hi Saundra,

I really have enjoyed your classes …. As you know...  I was really burnt out from work when I first started Dru yoga  and it’s taken me  all these months to recover..... Thank you, your classes have been a big part of my healing.

Best of luck for the future wherever that may take you …. Wonderful lady. 

Robyn (August 2013)

"....dru yoga classes with Saundra are calm and welcoming in atmosphere which sets the tone for mental and physical relaxation and restores energy levels as well....."

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Saundra began her course in 2006 and graduated as a fully trained teacher in 2010. At the end of the course Saundra was invited by Dru Yoga Australia to partake in the first Master Teacher Training course. She under took this in 2011 and graduated in 2012. 

A training course to teach teachers the specialty of teaching with children was also studied and finished in 2014.

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